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Kensington's history

Originally from Portsmouth, England, Robert moved to London and trained with Steiner International where he rose to become a stylist at the prestigious Royal Kensington Garden Hotel.

After traveling around the many countries of Europe, he met Karen, and they married and had two sons. They settled down on the coastal town of Sotogrande in Southern Spain, and opened a successful salon and spa catering to many professional golfers and European royalty.

They eventually moved to Harrogate, England, where they had a number of salons. Karen, became a spa therapist in the Harrogate Turkish Baths and Health Spa, where she performed small regular beauty treatments to total full body therapies.

Again, leaving the shores of England, they decided to settle in Tampa, after falling in love with the city and all of it's charms. Kensington Salon and Spa is the result of all their years of experience.


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