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The quest for clear skin is no longer consigned to women. Men have finally begun to understand that they too have skin care needs and that they can look and feel better by taking care of their skin, and it doesn’t have to cost much or be as complicated as they once thought. 
If your regime only involves shaving cream and aftershave, maybe it’s time to up the ante on your skin care.  
In the past, Men have not laid too much importance to their skin care needs, or using products. A quick wash with a bar of soap, and a quick splash of aftershave, normally was their limit. But now, Men want to feel attractive, youthful, successful, and confident. Men are seeing that having great skin is a big part of looking handsome and are beginning to understand that they only have to spend a little and do a little too in order to achieve that.
It is true that men have thicker skin than women. While men may not like the idea of shaving every day, hair follicles contribute to the thickening of their skin and can help reduce wrinkles (not to mention that shaving increases collagen turnover and elastin production, and is a fabulous exfoliation tool). Men’s skin is also a lot stronger as they produce more collagen and elastin. They have more facial hair follicles than women, which allows for more natural oil production on their faces that hydrates and keeps skin looking youthful, while trapping moisture and balancing. Even so, having the benefits of a thick skin does not exclude men from typical skin problems.
Some things men in particular face when caring for their skin include issues due to shaving. Not only is there the issue of having to shave each day to keep skin as smooth as possible, there are often ingrown hairs or acne with which to contend. A good exfoliate helps greatly, not only after shaving but beforehand, to soften and loosen the follicles, and after to prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Keeping skin well hydrated is also important in dealing with this issue.
Top Concerns

Acne at any age, whether in the wild, hormone-changing teenage years or during the middle-age years, has a root cause. Acne can come from diet, stress, hormones, or other environmental factors. Lifestyle changes is recommended, along with a skin care regime.  For instance, men can take steps for their overall health care by getting enough rest, staying hydrated, consuming enough electrolytes, taking a good probiotic, eating a healthy diet, and practicing good stress management, plus – the number one toxin eliminator – getting enough exercise.

Another specific male issue is that men actually do sweat more, which can lead to adult acne, but it is not due to cleanliness or health habits. It is an inherent part of their biological makeup. There are scientific structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin, beginning around puberty. When increased skin issues are added to the mix, as well as men’s thick skin, the problems can be more challenging to treat. Shaving every day without awareness of how to prevent ingrown hairs or the irritation and redness that can occur with some men post-shave increases the risk of bumps and infections. Male clients may not understand that pores, when exposed to the harshness of a razor (sometimes not a great, sharp razor, which is really important as well) and then to unavoidable airborne germs, puts their skin at risk. Aftershave was the old fashioned “cure!”

Men, like women, also have concerns with their skin as they age. This is a concern now more than ever, with the advent of awareness about premature aging and wrinkle formation, but because it is not as common for men to show concern for these things, they may have an initially harder time asking a skin care professional or to ask which product works best for them.

A New Regime

It’s hard to delve into a world that was once thought of as strictly female, but once the plunge is taken, the benefits are huge! Regular skin care, either professionally, or at home makes a big difference, plus having regular professional treatments, not only addresses any skin care issues you may have, but also helps detox the skin, as well as decreasing stress.

Just like taking care of your car, you need to regularly cleanse( wash), exfoliate(buff), moisturize (protective coating), to keep your car’s paint job looking good and protecting it from environmental stressors. Or building muscles in the gym, it takes consistent and repeated effort to build muscle.  A consistant skin care routine is beneficial in the long run and is key to maintaining those healthy good looks!

The Kensington salon and spa Men’s facial is designed to clear, hydrate and revitalize, as well as detoxing and destressing the skin. $60.00. ( Please allow one hour)

See you in the spa!

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