Some say if you look good you feel good. Other’s say if you feel good, you look good. I say BOTH! I am Anna Kensington and welcome to my blog! This is the place to be for all things family and fun, healthy and happy! I believe the secret to feeling amazing both mentally and physically comes from within.

I have spent most of my life discovering all the ways in which people can disguise their own happiness with material things and helping them through the process of undoing such behavior. I am a clinical therapist based in Nashville and have been practicing for over 15 years. I specialize in family and relationship counseling and take a personal interest in cognitive and nutritional therapy. I strongly believe that dietary and behavioral changes are necessary and vital in overcoming mental health-related challenges.

Feeling good physically is not just limited to being healthy, it can also mean learning to love who and what you see in the mirror. I am also a huge advocate of the power a well-fitted dress or suit can have on your self-esteem It has not always been easy but I always keep myself positive. I started this blog to share with the world what I learned so far on the amazing journey of life! Stay tuned and enjoy the ride.