Are you wondering whether your relationship has come to an end? Check out these signs you should break up to help you work out what to do.
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End of the Road: 5 Signs You Should Break Up

At times, the signs and red flags might be more than clear. Other times, your gut instinct has been trying to tell you for months that something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps you’re thinking about calling it quits on your current relationship but doing so is far from easy. 

What are the top signs you should break up? Below, we’ve listed the 5 indicators of when a relationship should end.

1. You Only Focus on the Good Memories

At first, things were more than perfect. You both were living in the clouds and not able to get enough of each other. 

But now, that spark and chemistry you both had have somehow faded. And now, you can’t let go of what you both used to. No matter how much of stump you’re both in, you have a small portion of hope that perhaps things will go back to the way they were. 

But, living in the past will just make you feel worse and will only force something that isn’t meant to be anymore. As difficult as it may be, it’s time to accept the current situation and that you both are no longer happy together.

2. You’ve Forgotten About Yourself

One of the biggest signs that a relationship should end is when you’ve forgotten about who you are. A bad relationship can bring out the absolute worst in you and turn you into the lesser version of yourself. 

Perhaps you were once confident, happy, secure, and fun and now, you’re the complete opposite. Maybe it’s hard for you to recall the last time you felt like your authentic self. 

If you’ve turned into someone you no longer recognize, it’s definitely time to move on. You need to be in a relationship that brings out the best of you, inspires you, and makes you evolve, not the other way around.

3. Your Partner Stopped Trying

Relationships require daily effort. Whether it’s a new relationship that needs work or whether you’re learning how to save a marriage, they need constant care. 

If you notice that you’re the only one who wants to make it work or vice versa, the relationship should end. If only one person is committed to putting in the effort, then it simply won’t work. 

4. You’re Resented

Resentment is practically poison for a relationship, and as it builds over time, it might backlash on you and your partner if you don’t sort it out. If you feel resentment towards your partner and you’re unable to fix it, then it means the communication between you and your partner no longer works. You may not be able to communicate your concerns or needs in a healthy manner anymore, and perhaps you’re no longer willing to hear your partner out. 

Holding onto resentment is toxic. And, the longer you let it build up, the bigger the toxic circle will grow.

5. You Feel You’re Walking on Eggshells

You can’t be yourself anymore. You feel nervous, anxious, or on edge all the time, as if anything you do or say will set off your partner. If that’s the case, you must end the relationship. 

Being with someone that makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells all the time is exhausting and unhealthy. You need to be with someone that makes you feel it’s ok to be yourself. 

Signs You Should Break Up—Explained

Now that the question of “what are the signs you should break up?” has been answered, it’s time to be honest with yourself. If you think any of the signs mentioned above sound similar to what you’re living, then it’s time to make a tough decision. 

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