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All the Clothing You Need To Bring For the Next Family Vacation

For all of you avid travelers out there, packing essential clothing will save you a lot of time, problems, and in many cases, money. This is especially important when traveling with the family. But did you know that 62% of Americans are overpacking when traveling?

Overpacking can seriously put a strain on your luggage. Thus, it’s only natural that you pack the clothing you absolutely need.

So that’s why we’re here to tell you all about the clothing you need to bring for the family when on vacation. Consider this article as the ultimate checklist, so let’s start.


Packing underwear should be a priority. Even if you and your family spend most of your travels on the beach, underwear is essential for any travel checklist.

The golden rule of underwear packing is to bring one pair per day away. So if you’re away for 7 days, pack 7 pairs of underwear for each family member – that also includes the kids.

Doing that will make sure that everyone has a pair of clean underwear for every day.


You don’t have to pack as many socks as underwear, especially if you’re traveling someplace tropical where you’ll spend most of the time in flip flops or sandals.

But just to be safe, each family member should pack no more than 5 pairs of socks. Unlike underwear, socks are much easier to clean. This means that even if you end up with less, you can hand wash them during your travels.


Now we come to the part of the guide where it’s strictly down to each person what they plan on packing. But we can all agree that everyone needs t-shirts. A woman should always pack a white and black t-shirt before diversifying the rest of her upper-body apparel.

As for the husband, the only two types of upper-body apparel he should pack are t-shirts and dress shirts. If by any chance your husband isn’t the dress shirt type of person, then make sure to stock him on t-shirts as they’re essential.

As for the kids, pack as many t-shirts are you can as chances are they’ll be getting themselves in quite a lot of messy situations.


We can’t swim in the ocean without swimwear. If you’re going on holiday in Greece or any other similar destination, packing swimwear is essential. The golden rule of swimwear packing is to bring two pairs of swimwear.

When one of the pairs is drying, you can wear the other one at the beach. When you come back from the beach, the first pair will be all done and you’ll dry the second one.

Rinse and repeat this cycle and you’ll have no problem managing the swimwear you bring with you on your travels.

Walking Shoes

What fun is traveling if you don’t explore the travel destination? Even though sandals are your best friend when traveling to some tropical paradise, we cannot forget to bring walking shoes.

The great thing about walking shoes is that they make it very comfortable for the user. So make sure to pack one pair of walking shoes for each family member. Walking shoes will also allow you to see what the travel place has to offer. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a cool and fun activity to do as a family.


This one only applies to you and any other female family member such as your daughter. Packing dresses isn’t difficult. They’re small, easily folded, and take out literally no space in your backpack.

So there are two ways to approach this one. You can either pack a lot of summer dresses or pack conservatively. But think about it, what good is a family vacation to a tropical paradise if you can’t wear your cutest summer dresses on the beach?


Not everyone wears jammies to bed, but some of you do. So it’s only natural we mention packing a pair of pajamas.

Some people sleep much better in pajamas, especially when they have difficulties falling asleep in unknown environments such as in hotel rooms. If your kids also have a hard time falling asleep, a smart thing to do would be to buy pajamas while on your trip.


Even if you’re traveling to some tropical destination, that doesn’t mean the weather will be kind to you. Packing a jacket is indeed only for emergencies. But since we can’t control the weather, a smart thing to do would be to pack everyone a jacket just in case.

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