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Types of Relationships You Should Know About: A Guide

In the age of social media, relationship status can mean a lot or a little. One term people are now using to describe their status is “it’s complicated.” This term can apply to someone who’s married, single, or having an affair.

More interesting is the concept that two people can be in a relationship but have different definitions for what it means. 

Today, we’re going to help you understand the different types of relationships. Keep reading for a guide to relationship terms you should know.

Types of Relationships: Transactional Relationship

Transactional can fall under types of sexual relationships. The term means to exchange something with the expectation of getting something in return. Once the transaction is completed, the relationship may or may not continue.

In many instances, if one partner no longer provides what the other person desires, the relationship will end. Often, the terms are agreed upon at the start of the relationship.

Transformational Relationship

Transformational relationships in which one or both partners change as a result of how they are treated. In many instances, transformation occurs in romantic relationships. Through love and care of the partner, the other person learns about themselves and becomes a better person. 

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Monogamous Relationship

Monogamous love relationships were once what the majority of society strived to achieve. It was defined as two people forsaking all others. Over time, monogamy has lost its popularity as divorce rates have skyrocketed.

Rebound Relationship

A rebound relationship is one of many types of sexual relationships that lack commitment to another person. Rebound means someone has chosen to be with someone for the sole purpose of getting over their last relationship.

These types of relationships rarely work out because one person doesn’t know they are the rebound. 

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits are the epitome of a type of sexual relationship where both people agree it’s just about sex. In this type of relationship, there are no expectations beyond sex.

Both parties are there to fulfill the sexual needs of each other. Sometimes one or both people are in committed relationships with other people. 

The biggest downside to being friends with benefits is there are no dates or public acknowledgment. However, it’s common for one person to fall in love. At this point, the relationship is destined to end. 

Open Relationship

Last, an open relationship is a type of committed relationship. In this relationship, both parties agree to a date and have sexual relationships with other people. The only rule is that they are open about it with their partner. 

A growing number of married couples are engaging in open relationships.

What Type of Relationship Are You In?

Now that you know the different types of relationships, are you surprised which one fits your current situation? Did you learn something new?

Relationships can be hard to define. The more we learn, additional terms are created.

We hope you enjoyed our article. For more lifestyle topics, please continue to browse our content.

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