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Reasons Moissanite Rings Are Superior to Diamonds

Moissanite is more durable and complex than cubic zirconia, making it a better choice for engagement rings. It is also less expensive and has more fire and brilliance. These are just a few benefits of a moissanite engagement ring, and they should be important considerations when choosing a call for your beloved.

It Has More Fire and Brilliance Than Diamonds

Moissanite has more fire and a higher refractive index than a diamond. This means that it gives off a more dazzling light. It also gives off white sparkle and rainbow sparkle more than a diamond. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for jewelry.

Moissanite is very dispersed, so it shows a lot of fire when it is in motion. Unfortunately, forever Classic is no longer in production. This stone is light, yellow-green, similar to an L-M grade diamond. Moissanite is available in many shapes and sizes.

Moissanite is more expensive than diamonds but has superior brilliance and fire. Its higher refractive index means it bends light more than diamond, giving it a brighter shine. As a result, it is more sparkly than a diamond, and the difference is striking.

It is More Complex than Cubic Zirconia.

Moissanite is more durable than cubic zirconia and is ideal for everyday wear. Its hardness is higher than diamonds and sapphires, and it resists dirt and scratches better than diamonds. Both types are affordable, and Joseph’s carries many moissanite center stones in many styles.

Moissanite rings are more affordable than cubic zirconia. They can be purchased for just a few dollars compared to a diamond engagement ring. However, moissanite costs more, and cubic zirconia is less plentiful than moissanite. A single carat can cost up to $400 or $600, whereas a cubic zirconia ring can cost only $15.

Moissanite is a rare mineral that resembles diamonds so closely that many people mistake them for diamonds or diamond simulants. However, these stones are not natural but synthetic and are inferior to diamonds in almost every gemological property. Because they are lab-grown, they often have fewer imperfections.

It is More Affordable.

When deciding whether to purchase a diamond ring or a moissanite one, weighing the cost of both stones against each other is essential. Moissanite costs less, but diamonds are still the more expensive option. However, diamonds are a better investment for the long term because they maintain their value, and you can even pass them down through the generations. Colored gemstones are an excellent alternative to diamonds, as they cost less per carat but retain their heirloom value.

Moissanite rings are also better for the environment because they are made in a lab, not mined from the Earth. This means they don’t contribute to the water pollution or conflict-ridden mining of precious gems. As a result, moissanite engagement rings are more environmentally conscious. Furthermore, the manufacturers of moissanite rings use recycled gold in their engagement rings. They also employ ethical labor practices to ensure that workers are not exploited or subjected to unfair labor conditions.

While moissanite does appear naturally in the earth’s crust, almost all of it used in jewelry is artificial. French chemist Henri Moissan first discovered Moissanite in the nineteenth century. At first, he believed he had found diamonds in a meteorite crater, but later learned that he had discovered a mineral with a different chemical composition: silicon carbide. After learning about its chemical makeup, Moissan learned how to synthesize moissanite.

It is Durable

Compared to diamonds, moissanite rings are much more durable. This is because the mineral is resistant to most chemicals. In addition, they are less likely to be damaged by grease, oil, or chlorine. However, as with all fine jewelry, it is essential to take special care to keep the ring looking good. If you’re planning to wear your ring every day, you’ll want to ensure it’s free of scratches. Also, you’ll want to remove the ring before exercising and cleaning it. It’s also best not to use harsh chemicals to clean it.

Moissanite also has a higher refractive index, making it a better choice for sparkle. This means the stone will sparkle and look more stunning than other gemstones. However, it doesn’t have the same color as diamonds so you won’t have as many unique colors.

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