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Looking To Spice Up the Relationship? Here Is What To Do

Every relationship goes through a sour patch. But the important thing is to not lose focus on what matters – keeping the chemistry alive. Doing that isn’t easy. Between working for a living and being too tired to do anything afterward, keeping the chemistry alive is easier said than done.

So how do you spice things up with your loved one? Here are our expert tips to follow up on.

Do Things Together

You and your spouse might’ve spent years together. But do you know each other’s hobbies and interests? If the answer is no, then you’re in a bit of a pickle. Doing things together is one way to get the chemistry back. So what we suggest is you put in the effort and understand what hobbies and activities your spouse love doing.

Whether that’s going camping, fishing, traveling, or anything else, doing fun and relationship-healthy activities will help you break off from everyday monotony. While it might be hard to do that often, the weekend presents the perfect time to do something together.

Hold A Conversation

Talking is the best cure for every relationship problem. While one-on-one communication has gradually been replaced by endless starring at our phones, shutting off from the internet is a great way to add life to the relationship.

Nothing annoys us more than talking about your day only for your partner to occasionally look at their phone. Make a rule that you won’t be using your phones while at the dinner table or when doing things together. This will force you to engage in conversation with your partner.

Surprise Your Partner

What better way to spice things up than to perform random acts of romance? We love flowers – every guy knows that. But do you know what your partner loves? This can be the key to bring life back to your relationship.

While they should know that surprising us with flowers can brighten our day, we should do the same for our partners. Surprise them with tickets for an upcoming movie they want to see or an all-exclusive day at the local brewery.

Regardless of what the surprise might be, these random acts can fuel your relationship to new heights.

Go On Date Nights

Aren’t date nights great? But if they are, then why are couples doing it less often? Apart from some of the obvious reasons, a post from The Knot says that the most successful couples go on date nights once a month.

So even if you don’t like doing it, the study shows that going out once a month on a date with your partner gives you the most chance to stay happy together.

And that’s exactly what you need to do right now. The reason why date nights are great is that they remind us of a time long ago. It reminds us of spending the entire day getting ready for that one magical night.

Argue Less and Be More Open-Minded

No one should argue in a relationship. While arguing can be healthy in some cases, doing it more often will put a strain on your relationship. The difficult part in arguing less is that it can be hard to do it. You might be going through a sour patch at the moment, and that makes it impossible to argue less.

Offering an olive branch is the best way to put emotions aside and makeup. But this is only a temporary solution to the problem. To argue less with your partner, you need to be more open-minded about each situation.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, try to think rationally whether or not there is an explanation.

Make Them Feel Special

What better way to spice things up than to make your loved one feel special? Everyone loves attention, and we want it even more than guys do. Since guys aren’t programmed to think the same way we do, it can be more difficult to give a woman the attention she needs.

But this one applies to both of you. Make your partner feel special, as that will be enough to spice things up. Who knows, maybe this random act will result in an even more special night?

Dress Up

We all remember the days where we’d put on our most attractive dresses to impress our boyfriends. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we’d do it again? If your relationship is going through a lot lately, a great way to spice things up is to dress up and surprise your partner.

All that’s left after is to watch the fireworks go off.

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