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All You Need to Know About Eyeshadow

If you’re a newbie to eye shadow, it can be hard to know what to use and how to apply it correctly. Especially when you have a 30-piece palette, you may think you can’t mess up applying the color on your eyelids, but there are some common mistakes that you should avoid.

Using a brush

When applying eyeshadow, a brush is an essential part of the process. It is used to blend colors and create new looks. It is great for applying eyeliner and eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner. There are several types of brushes available.

A flat shader brush picks up the product well and helps spread shadow evenly across the eyelid. You can also use a larger shader brush to cover more area, such as the crease. Angled brushes are especially useful for highlighting brow bones and creating a cat eye.

Using an eyeshadow primer

Long-wearing eye makeup requires the use of eyeshadow primers. They stop eyeliner and shadow from smearing and hold them in place. Your eyelids should receive a small quantity of primer, which you should blend with your ring finger. After the primer is dry, apply eyeshadow or eyeliner over it.

The best eyeshadow palettes and primer protects eyelashes and prevents creasing. It’s available in a handy tube with an easy dispenser. It requires just a pea-sized amount.

Using a lid gloss

Using a lid gloss is an easy way to add a hint of sparkle and shine to your eye makeup. It is available in a variety of clear or colored shades. Its glossy effect can be dialed up or down depending on the level of intensity that you prefer. This type of eye makeup can be layered for a more natural look or an evening event. 

Before applying a lid gloss, choose a good base color. Choosing a complementary color for the eyeshadow base is important. Although glossy lids look great in summer, glossy lids are perfect for cool girls.

Using red lipstick as eyeshadow

Using red lipstick as an eyeshadow is a great way to add color to your eyes. It’s both dramatic and subtle, depending on how you apply it. For example, if you’re looking to warm up your lids, you can use a softer shade to contour your lids, while bold red lipstick will give you a dramatic smokey eye.

You can also pair red lipstick with green eyeshadow. The two colors are next to each other on the color wheel, making it easier to blend them. This trend is perfect for spring or summer when you can wear bright colors.


Blending eyeshadow is an important part of eye makeup application. It can make your makeup look smoother and more natural. This technique can also benefit beginners by preventing fallout and cleaning up the edges without ruining the base makeup. The first step in blending eyeshadow is to tap off excess product. Sometimes, too much product can clog the eye shadow brush or create an uneven look. If this happens, you can lightly tap it against your wrist or forearm to remove excess product.

Blending eyeshadow requires using a small amount of product at a time. Make sure each layer is blended well before moving on to the next layer. You can also apply a dark shade to create a more dramatic look.

Getting the right tail length

If you aren’t sure how to draw the perfect tail length on your eyeshadow, consider getting the advice of an eyeshadow specialist. The right tail length will depend on the length of your lashes. If your eyelashes are short, use a thin line of eyeliner as your guide and gradually thicken as you approach the outer corner. Getting the right tail length can make your eyeshadow look glamorous, subtle, or classic.

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